10 Things To Know Before You Use A Training Collar On Your Dog

10 Things To Know Before Using A Training Collar On Your Dog!

1. Shock Collars are not meant to punish the dog, instead they utilize the power of negative and positive reinforcement to condition the dog to exhibit a certain behavior.



2. Shock administered by the Ziggy Dog Collar is safe and does not create any lasting physical harm for your pet.




3. Remember to wear the collar on your dog at least a week before you start training. This will help the dog get used to the feeling and will not have a natural inhibition or irritation wearing the belt.



4. Start off training with the most minimal level of intensity and increase gradually and only if necessary. Most dogs of normal temperament get trained with the beep or vibration mode itself.



5. Do not use a training collar unless your pet is tough to train and you come to this conclusion only after trying regular training methods that does not involve punishment or shock.



6. Create a training pattern that involves positive reinforcement as well, for example while you give a slight shock for negative behavior, you should give a reward or treat when the dog displays desired positive behavior.



7. Make sure that you do not create a permanent fear of the collar or yourself by being too regressive and punishment oriented. This would lead to the dog developing a negative focus about the world around him/her.



8. Do not use training collars on a dog who gets aggressive upon punishment, they could get extremely wild upon shock and could harm you or others around you at the time.



9. Keep the remote control away from the dog as dogs tend to associate the remote control with the source of shock upon seeing it and tend to develop a fear of all such tools.



10. Use control collars only after proper research and ensure that you do not overdo the training and only use the required minimum amount of shock. Please remember that the combination of positive and negative reinforcement leads to the healthy development of a dog and not punishment.

For any doubts or questions on using the Ziggy Dig Training Collar, e-mail us at info@ziggydogtrainingcollar.com.