How the Ziggy Dog Training Collar Helped my German Shepard!

I am just going to come right out and say it, if your dog requires training, get a shock collar. Specifically this one! My wife and I, alongside our family, decided to adopt a rescue German Shepard about a year ago. Our lovely pup is named Thunder and has an adventurous spirit! That being said, we had to start somewhere with getting him trained and domesticated further. 

One thing my partner and I quickly realized is that our new pup needed some training. From scratching the couch until it ripped to even biting at me, we knew for the safety of our family that we need to invest in some training opportunities for Thunder. After spending hours and consulting with numerous family members, my wife and I were ready to call it a night and begin the search after work the next day. 

While I was out for a stroll with our adorable, newly-adopted pet, I crossed paths with one of our more elderly neighbors June. The dog they have is a tough, strong Husky named Spencer, and I thought to myself how on earth has that thing learned companionship with this petite, elderly lady. With that in mind, I struck up a conversation. After some time of simply catching up on life, I slipped in our need to find an efficient and safe dog training method. Immediately June smiled and told me about the Ziggy Dog Training Collar

My first thought was no, we were not wanting to hurt our dog by any means, especially because he's a rescue. When I mentioned this to her she informed me of the great positives this dog collar truly brings. We ended up chatting for about 20 minutes about this simple dog collar. I began thinking about the conversations my wife and I had had about Spencer and how June wasn't getting lashed at or bit next to his large structure. When I went back later that evening, I explained the idea to the wife, and let me just say, she was not on board.

When she was a child, her family had a large Husky named Ghost who was rather vicious and quite frankly terrifying. Her father had not hurt the dog by any means but did tend to use a slight bit of force when disciplining Ghost, and Marie, my wife, did not like that at all. She felt that she didn't want to repeat the disciplinary measures with a dog and have Thunder turn out similar to Ghost. Understandingly I agreed but implored her to go visit June and speak to her more about this exceptional and innovative dog collar. 

After some wine and cheese, and some discussion, my wife was convinced. After our nightly duties as parents were done, we decided to surf the net and find this collar. What do you know, there is a whole site dedicated to this superb product! With ease, we placed our order and were forced to play the waiting game.

Within around a week and a bit, our very own Ziggy Dog Training Collar arrived. The professional packaging and the high-quality of the product further ensured my wife and me that this was the right choice. 

Quickly, Thunder was shaping up. We began on the lowest possible level and slowly worked our way up until Thunder was truly becoming more and more disciplined. With levels 0 - 100, We were able to give the stimulation from the collar to Thunder without hurting him by any means. The accommodative 220-yard remote range allowed Thunder to roam around and stay within a comforting distance. The beep mode feature also let us know when Thunder was beginning to leave the 220-yard range. With great ease, my wife and I trained our dog tremendously, and our family as a whole has seen a great difference. For the fair price of $49.99, we were able to save hundreds of dollars on a collar and have a fantastic-functioning product. Honestly, I would've one-hundred percent been willing to pay $100 for this instead of the amazing price they offer.

We are so extraordinarily happy with how this training collar worked and would use it again in a heartbeat if we are to ever get another dog. The easy-to-use design and varying levels allow you to truly get through to your pup and get him or her disciplined greatly! Without hurting our rescued German Shepard, we were able to watch as he matured and grew up!

I highly recommend this product to anyone sitting on the fence, wondering if this is worth it or not. I was in the same position as you, trust me, you're doing the right thing! This worked exceedingly well for our Thunder and I am sure it will shape your pup's energy and actions marvelously. 

Thank you to the team at Ziggy Dog Training Collar for actually giving consumers a phenomenal product at such an affordable price, and with such helpful information concerning the product. There isn't anything as good on the market right now, not just at this price, but as a whole! 


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