How to Train your Dog to Stop Barking

Having a dog as a pet can be one of the most amazing experiences in your life. Having a furry little friend patrolling your living space at all times and a companion to help you get through all the highs and lows of life! With that being said, having your dog trained is essential to a healthy relationship around the home. In today's blog I will be discussing the best ways to train your dog to stop barking! So sit back, cuddle your puppy, and enjoy! 

Why do dogs bark? Dogs bark because it is their natural form of communication. A barking dog could be trying to do one of many things: establish territory, warn a potential threat not to come closer, or just letting other dogs know where they are. Having a dog bark at strangers when they approach your home or when they sense something strange is helpful when you want that extra "alarm system" at your house, however excessive barking can become a problem, especially when there are neighbors living nearby who may find the barking to be less helpful and more annoying. 

There are several training techniques you can use to stop unwanted barking and train a dog to bark only when the time is right. It is important to examine the possible reasons why your dog is barking. First, is the dog hungry or thirsty? Is there something else you think the dog may be trying to communicate to you that you need to know? Is the dog in distress or in pain? Most would agree that these are valid reasons for your dog to bark.

If you believe your dog is barking because it is bored or needs more exercise, provide more dog toys, take your dog on more walks, or play with your dog more often. Sometimes these simple things can stop barking problems in dogs. Saying "no" or using another such forceful command to get your dog to stop barking will probably not work because your dog will see this as you barking, too. Be gentle in your commands, and designate a word, such as "silent", to communicate to your dog that the command specifically pertains to the barking behavior. Use rewards, such as dog treats or dog snacks, to reinforce the behavior of the dog stopping its barking when you use this command.

If all typical techniques have failed, and you’re looking for a quicker, more efficient method to get your dog to stop barking, consider the Ziggy Electric Dog Collar. The Ziggy Electric Dog Collar will train your dog easily and harmlessly. The remote control can be used by anyone! From expert trainers to first time pet owners, the electric dog training collar can be used to help control barking, walking, sitting, leash training, and other behavioral obedience. Our Ziggy Electric Dog Collar is very different from other electric collars as it does not provide any sort of harm or pain to your pet, unlike other low-grade collars.The Ziggy Dog Collar has three different modes such as the beep, vibration and static shock mode with different buttons for all three. This collar can be a large help for reaching certain goals like being able to let your dog off the leash at the park and being able to move freely around your yard/home without supervision! Another huge benefit of this dog collar is that it saves a lot of time. Traditional methods of training may take a minimum of 5 to 9 months to reflect minor behavioral changes in your dog. Using the Ziggy Dog collar can actually reduce that window by speeding up your dog's learning process in a very safe and effective manner. Often we have seen that many people do not have the patience to wait for more than 5 to 6 months in order to train their pets via the traditional method. Eventually, they lose their patience with their dog resulting in the dog ending up in a shelter home or sometimes are left abandoned.

Use of a remote dog collar can provide a positive result over a period of few days if used with proper training methods and mindset. Dogs are considered the perfect companion for humans and the most honest friend any human can ever have. In fact, it has been said that dogs are always eager to be a part of the family. Training dogs with Dog collars should not be treated as a punishment process and rather should be approached as a learning method for your pet. In-fact if you intend to buy this as a product to punish your dog, we insist you don’t order. Our product is considered the best learning device that brings out the best from your dog. We suggest that you should not use the remote collar shock wave mode at the max level constantly to tame your dog. Treat him as your child and not an animal.

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