Top 5 places to take your dog this summer!

The warm weather of summer is on its way! I know everyone, especially after the year we've had, is amped to get back outside! If you’re anticipating going on incredible adventures with your furry friend this summer, then this is the blog for you! In today's blog I will be discussing 5 places you should adventure with your dog this summer! Regardless of the age, mobility, and activeness of your dog, I’m confident you will find an adventure which will make you excited for the summer. 


  1. A great place to take your pet is on hiking trails! Whether it’s through the forest, or up in the mountains, you’re sure to see some beautiful scenery and get a great workout. You pet will love the challenge, leaping up onto giant rocks and swerving through the trees. Your dog will love the adventure just as much, if not even more than you! 


  1. A dog park is a staple in the first time dog owners handbook, but that doesn't mean you should avoid it. A dog park is a great place for dogs to interact and run free with their friends. Enjoy a nice, sunny walk to the park with your dog, and watch him/her have an amazing time running around with other friendly dogs! They’re getting their daily exercise in and being social! 


  1. Head to the beach with your furry friend! The beach is a great place to get a nice walk in. Take your shoes off and stroll through the sand with your dog. Feeling too hot? Dive into the beautiful blue ocean just to your side. The beach is an optimal spot for hanging out, especially when you're with your dog. Just make sure the sand isn’t too hot, it could burn your dogs feet! 


  1. Camping is a phenomenal way to kick back and relax with your dog. Haven't been camping before? Pack your tent, food, first aid kit, and other essential supplies for the trip. Don’t pack too much, you’re going to have to carry it all! Camping can be a very fulfilling experience, share this with your dog! Enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.


  1. Love hitting the open road? Take a road trip with your favourite pet! Grab a dog car seat or something similar to keep your pet safe, and get driving! Crack your windows and enjoy the fresh air! Leave with a destination in mind, or drive until you find something that looks good! It’s just you and your dog! 


I hope you enjoyed today's blog on the Top 5 Places to Take your Dog this summer! Be sure to check out some of these spots, and get creative! Consider what your dog likes doing most, after all you know him/her the best! Get active and enjoy the summer weather with your pet! SHOP NOW!