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How the Ziggy Dog Training Collar Helped my German Shepard!

I am just going to come right out and say it, if your dog requires training, get a shock collar. Specifically this one! My wife and I, alongside our family, decided to adopt a rescue German Shepard about a year ago. Our lovely pup is named Thunder and has an adventurous spirit! That being said, we had to start somewhere with getting him trained and domesticated further.  One thing my partner and I quickly realized is that our new pup needed some training. From scratching the couch until it ripped to even biting at me, we knew for the safety of our family that we need to invest in some training opportunities for Thunder. After spending hours and consulting with...

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Is remote dog collar training safe and effective?

According to many veterinarians and trainers, the average response window for a dog to remember something is two seconds. Yes, two seconds and it's gone! Now imagine you running behind them yelling at them or training them to do the right action, but every two seconds they are getting misdirected. Difficult. Isn’t it? Your dog needs your help to instantly identify the incorrect behavior with a quick and immediate response. Using our remote dog collar, you can immediately respond to your dog’s undesired behavior and training him on the desired behavior. Through our remote training collar, you have the option of using the vibration mode to keep it safe and effective.   A remote training collar otherwise also known as...

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Advantages of Using a Training Collar

1. Helps to create an effective communication channel with your dogCommunication has always been an important aspect to develop oneself. This is also true for dogs. But the problem here is the communication gap that exists because there isn’t any proper channel or medium to communicate. Ever wondered how amazing life would have been if your dog could speak to you in your language and simultaneously understand every word that you say. However, this is not the case. But does this really mean that we can never communicate with our dog? Yes, We Can! By using a dog training collar. A training collar helps create a bridge between you and your dog allowing better communication. 2. Provides instant feedback to...

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10 Things To Know Before You Use A Training Collar On Your Dog

10 Things To Know Before Using A Training Collar On Your Dog! 1. Shock Collars are not meant to punish the dog, instead they utilize the power of negative and positive reinforcement to condition the dog to exhibit a certain behavior.     2. Shock administered by the Ziggy Dog Collar is safe and does not create any lasting physical harm for your pet.       3. Remember to wear the collar on your dog at least a week before you start training. This will help the dog get used to the feeling and will not have a natural inhibition or irritation wearing the belt.     4. Start off training with the most minimal level of intensity and increase gradually...

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Do Shock Collars Hurt A Dog?

Absolutely not. Shock collars are meant to distract a dog and not hurt a dog. However, we must admit that the very term “shock collar” is a stigmatized notion by its primitive years - when “shock” collars were first manufactured 30 years ago, they have caused many incidents that have compromised the safety of a dog and the trust of their owners. That’s the usual sacrifice of advanced human innovations, right? Oftentimes, we can’t get things perfect the first time… Anyhow, decades have passed and technology has progressed. We now prefer a more gentle and non-stereotypical term such as a an e-collar (electric dog collar), bark control collar, remote training collar, or a dog containment system collar. These terms are...

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