Pet Hair Remover And Deep Cleaner
Pet Hair Remover And Deep Cleaner

Pet Hair Remover And Deep Cleaner

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The Pet Hair Remover and Deep Cleaner brush is crafted to swiftly and efficiently remove pet hair from carpets, couches, pet towers, and rugs. With its ergonomic handle and innovative edge design, it’s an essential tool for keeping your home spotless.


  • Size & Material: Compact, lightweight handle made of durable plastic with a specially designed metal edge.
  • Intended Age Range: Suitable for all pet owners looking to maintain a fur-free environment.
  • Shape & Pattern: Curved handle for ergonomic grip; metal edge for effective cleaning.
  • Texture & Design: Textured handle ensures a firm grip, while the unique edge design targets various fabric types.

About this item:

  • Effective Pet Hair Removal: Ideal for removing hair and lint from sofas, pet towers, carpets, cars, and coats, the carpet scraper saves you time and effort by quickly gathering stubborn hair follicles.

  • Specialized Multi-Fabric Edge Design: Unlike other reusable hair scrapers, this one is crafted to keep fabric intact, offering efficient pet hair removal without causing damage.

  • Two Tools in One Package: The blue cleaner, equipped with a copper blade and sharp teeth, is great for catching every strand of hair. The green cleaner has an alloy blade with an electroplated surface, perfect for more delicate fabrics.

  • Reusable Convenience: No batteries or charging required; simply roll the tool back and forth across the surface to collect hair and lint.

  • Easy to Use: Test the fabric suitability with a gentle scratch, avoiding yarn or knitted fabrics. Then, select the appropriate intensity to clean effectively and effortlessly.