Is remote dog collar training safe and effective?

According to many veterinarians and trainers, the average response window for a dog to remember something is two seconds. Yes, two seconds and it's gone!

Now imagine you running behind them yelling at them or training them to do the right action, but every two seconds they are getting misdirected. Difficult. Isn’t it?

Your dog needs your help to instantly identify the incorrect behavior with a quick and immediate response.

Using our remote dog collar, you can immediately respond to your dog’s undesired behavior and training him on the desired behavior. Through our remote training collar, you have the option of using the vibration mode to keep it safe and effective.


A remote training collar otherwise also known as Electric training collar is a device used for training dogs and has been supported by many dog training experts. Often we receive plenty of questions on the safety and effectiveness of the Remote dog collar. It is easily understandable that most of us might think that a remote dog collar is a punishment for an untrained and misbehaving dog. However, one should note that a remote dog collar is certainly not a product to punish dogs, instead, it is a product to communicate, train and educate your beloved dog. Here are a few interesting insights and answers about the safety and effectiveness of remote training collars.

What are the Benefits of Remote Dog Collar?
Well, the top most benefit of the remote dog collar is that it is a proven and safe device to train your dog.
Our Ziggy Electric Dog Collar is very different from other electric collars as it does not provide any sort of harm or pain to your pet, unlike other low-grade collars. Ziggy dog collar has three different modes such as the beep, vibration and static shock mode with different buttons for all three.

The second topmost benefit of a dog collar is that it saves a lot of time. Traditional methods of training may take a minimum of 5 to 9 months to reflect minor behavioral changes in your dog. Using the Ziggy Dog collar can actually reduce that window by speeding up your dog's learning process in a very safe and effective manner.

Often we have seen that many people do not have the patience to wait for more than 5 to 6 months in order to train their pets via the traditional method. Eventually, they lose their patience with their dog resulting in the dog ending up in shelter home or sometimes are left abandoned.
Use of a remote dog collar can provide a positive result over a period of few days if used with proper training methods and mindset. Dogs are considered the perfect companion for humans and the most honest friend any human can ever have. In fact, it has been said that dogs are always eager to be a part of the family. Training dogs with Dog collar should not be treated as a punishment process and rather should be approached as a learning method for your pet. In-fact if you intend to buy this as a product to punish your dog, we insist you don’t order. Our product is considered the best learning device that brings out the best from your dog. We suggest that you should not use the remote collar shock wave mode at the max level constantly to tame your dog. Treat him as your child and not an animal.

First thing to do after receiving your dog collar

If it is your very first experience with a remote dog collar, the best thing to do as soon as you receive your remote dog collar is to read the user manual thoroughly, refer to some of our very effective dog training materials and other sources of information available over the internet. Even though the remote dog collar (in our opinion) is the most effective and efficient approach to train your dog but in order to yield the best result through the remote dog collar, it is always advisable to do some homework regarding the remote dog collar and its usage.

The best way to start training your dog with simple commands such as walking beside you, and to avoid the everyday distractions start with vibration mode to bring their attention back towards you. In some cases, you might experience that your dog might not give a positive response to the vibration of the remote collar, at those times you can try a low-level static shock. We understand that every dog can be different, but we firmly believe that there are no dogs that require a maximum level of static shock at the start of the training! It is always advised to start every training command with vibration at the beginning, as the dog would learn to associate with the vibration mode of the remote dog collar.
Being an amateur, you can refer to Robin Macfarlane’s remote dog training DVDs to get an idea of using the remote dog collar.

Once your dog gets hold of the basic training such as walking by your side, you can use the remote training collar to move on to more complicating training commands such as staying at a certain spot.

Our remote dog collar is not only safe and effective, but using our remote dog collar consistently and compassionately will surely provide you with some incredible results with your dog.

 Ziggy Dog Training Collar